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"Lindau am Bodensee"experience a wide variety of cultural
and recreational activities in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe

Lindau has many well-known aspects. However, many of the wide range of facilities offered by the lake-side city are revealed at first only to the knowing visitor. Whether you are a fan of water-sports or golf,  a traditional hiker or Nordic walker, a culinary or music gourmet for friends of sport and leisure-time culture at the highest level, Lindau is the only place to be.

The unique location of the city in one of the most attractive European cultural landscapes; the historic old part of the city on the island with its magnificent variety of protected historical buildings, which long ago progressed to the most photographed subjects around Lake Constance; the world-famous harbour scenery with its lighthouse and the Bavarian Lions – all this is representative of famous and highly-esteemed Lindau.

In fact, the city at Lake Constance offers a broad spectrum of cultural and leisure-time activities at the highest level. To this spectrum, belong a rich variety of sporting possibilities, as well as the culinary repertoire of top-class gastronomy and the musical highlights in Lindau and vicinity. This is all very much appreciated throughout the region and embedded in tranquil, natural surroundings.

This city in the tri-nation region is loved not only by water-sport fans. It is high on the list for surfers and sailors,

and also “in the country“ it has much to offer. Since July 2006, friends of Nordic walking can increase their personal fitness on 17 different trails with varying grades of difficulty – actually, on a gentle sportive walk.  The trails stretch over a total of 130 kilometres through the picturesque countryside of the Bavarian region of Lake Constance.

From its green side, the city presents itself also to followers of the “Green Sport“.  Whoever has

played on Schönbuhl at Lindau-Bad Schachen Golf Club knows what we’re talking about:  the view from the 18-hole course wanders over gentle, richly green hills down to Lake Constance, and then over to the impressive Austrian-Swiss alpine panorama. Every year, thousands of “green-fee” players enjoy this course, which is considered amongst golfers to be one of the most beautiful in the country. A no less attractive alternative is only a few kilometres away – the course at Bodensee/Weißenberg Golf Club.

Thus invigorated from sports, one can now relax and, with a clear conscience, enjoy to the full the culinary skill of the repeatedly honoured, first-class Lindau gastronomy.  Awards from “Varta“ testers have been presented to seven restaurants – ranging from a down-to-earth guesthouse, to elegant hotel restaurants with views of the harbour, up to the widely-appraised "temples” for the gourmet. Regional top quality cooking, “nouvelle cuisine“ or dishes with Mediterranean finesse allow the connoisseurs to smack their lips appreciatively.  Especially so, when the meal is accompanied by a wine from the Bavarian Lake Constance region.

Last but not least, Lindau is an ideal departure point for a visit to the Bregenz festival productions. ( The performances on the world’s largest stage on the lake, with the outstanding natural beauty of Lake Constance as a backdrop, draw a large number of international visitors every year.  In 2007 and 2008, “Tosca“ by Giacomo Puccini is being performed.  The regular musical productions of the Lake Constance International Concert Association are particularly worth mentioning, as they also actively encourage budding musicians to achieve world-wide recognition at a high level. Further information is to be found at

In such stimulating surroundings, eventually some want to try their personal luck and sense the fascinating tingling of roulette or blackjack.  Voilá! – the Lindau Bavarian Casino provides extensive opportunities for just this, and in an elegant environment.

Lindau may be a lake-pearl with extra value, however in no way does it think of itself as a closed oyster. Quite the opposite:  thanks to a direct link to the motorway network; the nearby airport in Friedrichshafen; and good rail links (including some Inter-City connections), the “Happy End“ of Germany is never very far away. The destination is worthwhile every time, because there, where Germany ends, one senses immediately a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Source: ProLindau Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

Further information about Lindau and the surroundings can be found at:

Recreational activities

Here you will find a small extract of recreational activities in Lindau and its surroundings:
• Angling
• Hot-air ballooning
• Boat trips
• Bowling, Casino
• Nudism
• Fitness
• Open-air swimming
• Golf
• Hunting
• Go-Kart racing
• Climbing
• Mini-golf
• Motor-boat rental
• Mountain-biking 
  • Nordic Walking
• Paragliding
• Bike riding
• Horse riding
• Tobogganing
• Sauna
• Ice skating
• Snowshoe walking
• Swimming
• Sailing boat rental
• Sailing
• Sailing school
• Shopping
• Sightseeing 
  • Cross-country skiing
• Alpine skiing
• Snowboarding
• Gambling
• Squash
• Surfing
• Surfing school
• Diving
• Tennis
• Thermal baths
• Pedal-boat rental
• Hiking
• Water-skiing
• Wine-tasting  


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